Kellycrowed does not work for us, y’all.

Recently, a user named Kellycrowed/CCA Helix has been going around and posing as a CSR/blogger/whatever in order to get free stuff from people.

After noticing our site linked on their blog, we felt the need to make this announcement:

If anyone other than Aemeth Lysette tells you they are customer service for [ a.e.meth ], that person is trying to scam you.  Please beware.

No one, other than Aemeth Lysette, blogs for us or anything else.  We’re a one-woman show and we’re going to remain that way.

Hey, Kellycrowed—how about you genuinely make something in this game instead of piggybacking on the work of others?

Just saying.


Addendum: Possible alts of Kellycrowed, according to Gridexpectations:

megnina Resident
ladyloe Resident
benmen Resident
kellycrowed Resident

cca Helix

Katie McConageu

Ashante Texan

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Summer Beauty and Motif

This month, we’ve paired up with CheLLe Cosmetics to bring you the 2012 Summer Beauty Festival.  The festival runs from May 1st-25th, and features 11 popular makeup designers:

Chelle and a.e.meth Present: Summer Beauty Festival

For 50L each, you can find these two new packs from us there:

[ a.e.meth ] Cat Eyeliner II

[ a.e.meth ] Colorful Eyeshadow

During the festival, we’ll also be holding two major events—a drag contest, and a masquerade ball.  Please visit for more info and pictures.

Visit Summer Beauty in-world by clicking here!

Also at Motif this month, are tribal tattoos from us:

[ a.e.meth ] Tribal Facepaint

Have a great weekend, and we hope you enjoy the festival!

Visit Motif

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Artist vs Golem

Motif! Jack Spoon + a.e.meth Collaboration

When I first established [ a.e.meth ], Steffy was my makeup muse.  Everything I created, she was able to piece together with an outfit, and just make work.  It’s thrilling in any medium to encounter someone who can enhance what you do, who presents it in exactly the way you intended for it to be.

Steffy established her own label after a while, and now we have the opportunity to collab together (we did once before but my computer was messed up then and I didn’t do a great job).  It really came together and I’m happy to show this off.

Jack Spoon and a.e.meth have created tshirts together!  On top of that, we both have two extra goodies for you–so don’t forget to pick up Steffy’s cute skirts and my lipsticks to go along with it.

Motif opens tonight; this blog post will include the SLurl when it does. (Edit: Here’s the LM!)

Also at my mainstore right now, you can get this for 50L: 

[ a.e.meth ] Doll Lash Eyeliners

See you later!

(PS–who’s the “golem” here?  It’s me.  My store is named after the myth about them.)

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Egyptian Glam II and Royale Eyeshadow

New makeup this weekend:

[ a.e.meth ] Egyptian Glam II

A requested darker pack of the liners, for those who want a full spectrum of colors.

[ a.e.meth ] Royale Eyeshadow

Named after a beloved drag queen, and inspired by her style.

Both of these are available at our mainstore, Kozmetika, and Marketplace.

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Available at our mainstore. 50L per design.  These shirts are for petite mesh avs, but are also available for normal avs for the same price.
More shirts and makeup for both big and small avis coming soon!

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La Venta Eventa

[ a.e.meth ] Andromeda Eyeliner

50L for the weekend, 100L afterwards!

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New Year’s Love Eyeshadow (FTLO Hunt Gift)

[ a.e.meth ] FTLO Hunt Gift

Find it at our mainstore!  Good luck to everyone participating in the hunt!

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Aemy Says

Space Girl

We started a makeup tutorial/SL art blog, for anyone who wants to learn how to layer tattoo makeup in a creative way.

Click here to visit it.

We have new hunt items and makeup packs coming out this weekend, so we’ll announce those things very soon!

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